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Brunswick, Longmarch Expand Relationship in ChinaFebruary 26, 2015 · Ningbo Zhao

Brunswick, Longmarch Expand Relationship in China

Reported by Bob Johnson February of Bowlers Journal, February 25, 2015 1:45 pm

Brunswick Bowling today announced a new partnership with Longmarch Bowling of Shanghai to provide additional distribution of Brunswick’s bowling products into the People’s Republic of China.

China ranks high on the list of global growth markets for the bowling industry, and Longmarch Bowling is led by a man who is known as one of the nation’s most fervent champions of the bowling business.

Frank Zhao, head of Longmarch Bowling, started in the bowling business in 1994, working as a language translator in China. Soon after, he began his own bowling equipment installation business that set up many new centers in China, and also started a successful bowling ball manufacturing company. Additionally, Longmarch Bowling operates its own popular bowling centers in both Shanghai and Chengdu, China.

Longmarch Bowling will distribute Brunswick capital bowling equipment to modernize or build new bowling centers, as well as after-market products (parts and supplies) and consumer goods, including bowling balls, bags and shoes.