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Walter Ray Williams Jr. visited ChinaDecember 9, 2013 · Ningbo Zhao

During December 1st to 9th, 2013, Walter Ray Williams Jr., widely regarded as the best bowler of all time, was invited by Frank Zhao of Longmarch to visit China.

During his visit, Williams conducted bowling clinic programs at Longmarch's bowling center in Shanghai, as well as their center in Chengdu, southwest China.

In addition, Williams also visited several other bowling centers in Shanghai and Chengdu, where he participated in various pro-am events and competitions.

Wherever he went, Williams was warmly welcomed by Chinese bowlers, which was a testament to the efforts made by Mr. Frank Zhao to revitalize bowling in China.

Prior to his visit to China, Walter Ray Williams Jr. had also been invited to Japan to participate in the annual Japan Cup tournament.


Hotel in Chengdu welcome Walter Ray with a bowling cake